Yaroslavl, Russia Day Eight: Rehearsals and Revelry

We had rehearsal on stage for a couple of hours… our forgiveness piece seems to be coming together and may possibly even be stage worthy despite our hastened rehearsal process. Lena and Anna took Frances, Véronique Marco, Alessandro and I to the old city, where we got to see some of the oldest houses. (They were lovely wood houses as opposed to the stone and stucco in our part of town).

Cathedral in Yaroslavl

Cathedral in Yaroslavl

The old city is surrounded by and known for its ponds; according to our translators there are about 8-10 of them surrounding the old cathedral. Currently, these ponds are polluted with chemical and human waste, but the city is also working on cleaning them as part of an effort to attract more tourists to the area. (FRANCES)

We spent most of the afternoon looking through the old cathedral – an exact replica of the one in Saint Petersberg – which is under reconstruction. The women were very pleased with how their churches – having been desecrated under Lenin – are being reclaimed and their families are able to practice their religions again. Lena and I walked and talked a lot today and she was happy to share more in depth than I have been able to, what her life is like, what the shifting political scene is, how the generations of her family have changed, and how they all feel about it. I was very grateful. And, we were once again exhausted.

Enjoying a boat ride on the famous Volga River, (Europe's largest river,) with Festival participants in Yaroslavl

Enjoying a boat ride on the famous Volga River, (Europe’s largest river,) in Yaroslavl

But we continued on, and were gifted with an amazing boat trip on the in the early evening – There was dancing and vodka and visiting with colleagues.

It was much fun. (ANNE)


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