Yaroslavl, Russia Day Nine: Forgiveness Project Performance on our Last Day in Yaroslavl

Frances and I took deep breaths and fit so much into our last day in the Festival and in Yaroslavl, I kind of can’t believe it as I’m writing it. First, we visited a pristine, old monastery, then a scarf shop where I got souvenirs for those back home, a few other final purchases, another visit to that amazing café Anna took us to before…and lastly…our final performance!

Downtown Yaroslavl

Downtown Yaroslavl

It was such a tremendous experience and honor to create so many deep, personal, artistic, and professional connections with so many people, help create a dynamic, timely work that—according to many audience members—was able to transcend language barriers, and take in a city filled with so much history, in such a short amount of time. The comments on our performance from earlier in the week trickled in every subsequent day. Seems in spite of the difficulty of translating poetic and phonetically nuanced text, audience members were moved and very curious – requests to read the text were many – Both the organizers and press interviewers wanted to know more about dance that addresses “social issues.” This was gratifying – having the chance to have ongoing dialogue to deepen the work and to foster some more understanding and conversation.

Performing for the last time in the Festival marked both the end of our day to day, nearly hour to hour work with other artists, but also our stay in Yaroslavl… We barely slept and literally left at 2am in order to make it back to Moscow in preparation for our last day in Russia. (ANNE)

Amazing rush performing for the last time in Yaroslavl. Up very late. Gone at 2am! Very tired. (FRANCES)


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