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Skywatchers: New Event Video! New Event Dates!

August 27, 2014

It is the last week in August and we are back in the well-worn tenant lounge of the Senator Hotel following a successful spring installation of Skywatchers. After the summer offered its seasonal sabbatical, new and familiar faces of both community and professional artists come together again for nourishment of the creative and compassionate kind. This comfortable and casual gathering is an ongoing response to the spoken desire by residents in the Tenderloin for human affirmation and knowledge. The diversity of voices commending the Skywatchers process is amplified in the third project video now online!


Making Music on May 24, 2014

But not everyone can be physically present during our reunion. One of our most commanding voices is behind bars. We are reminded that our gathering is not only a celebration of the human spirit but also an examination of the obstacles that inhibit equity and equanimity. Anger and sadness release and make way for hope, healing and affirmation. “Everybody in this world is obligated to each other,” declares a World War II veteran and causes a shift in the conversation. We go round-robin and collect words of inspiration that can be sent to our missing Skywatcher.

The show must go on. Commitments are made to write new poetry and recruit new performers. Ideas and passion bound. Multiple dates are announced for monthly designed to reduce production and increase participation!


September 17th: Open Mic and Jam Session.


October 15th: Guest Artist Melanie DeMore and the premier of the original Skywatcher Song.


November 12th: Guest Artist Deirdre Visser and the Skywatcher Portrait Project Exhibition,


All events are 6:00 – 7:30pm on Wednesday at the 509 Cultural Center.


Our reunion closes with gestures and song made memorable through the pervious performances. (SASHA)



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